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Five Things You Should Know If You're Interested In Selling Your IP Address

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There are some basic factors you need to be aware of in order to understand the full value IP addresses are coming to have in the current Internet environment. The following are five things you should know if you're interested in selling an IP address:

The supply of iPv4 addresses has by now become exhausted globally.

Over the last few years, worldwide reserves of iPv4 addresses have become exhausted so that organizations such as the Internet Assigned Number Authority, Regional Internet Registries, and the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean have no more to give out. 

This means that anyone needing to acquire an IP address to grow their Internet presence must acquire or purchase one elsewhere. 

Companies and organizations wishing to grow their Internet systems beyond IP addresses they have currently now need to get new addresses from either service providers or an alternative seller.

The primary means of acquiring another IP address today are through service providers or alternative sellers. The scarcity of IP addresses is now driving up their price and creating a lucrative market for resellers because the value of these addresses will inevitably go up as scarcity increases. 

Just about any organization out there is going to be relying on iPv4 addresses for the coming decade or even further into the future.

Over time, organizations can deploy iPv6 addresses to deal with the current lack of new iPv4 addresses. However, most organizations won't have the technology to do this for quite some time. In the meantime, most organizations will remain dependent on traditional iPv4 addresses. 

There are no regulations established yet on how much IP addresses can be sold for.

Only the market regulates the prices iPv4 address sellers can ask for sales on addresses. There is no governing body that places a cap on these prices.

IP address sellers may be able to ask for increasingly more money for these addresses as time goes on until alternative technologies are deployed that free organizations from dependency on iPv4 addresses. 

Ownership of IP addresses is becoming so important that company owned IP addresses are now being included in market valuations.

Until the supply of iPv4 addresses was depleted, these addresses weren't considered to be valuable assets. However, their value has gone up to the point that they can be factored into market valuations of companies. This attests to the value the market now sees in these Internet resources. 


14 September 2017