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A Guide To Your Truck Fleet Maintenance And Logistics

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To be certain that you are doing right by your trucking company, it's critical to do everything you can to manage your logistics. By handling your fleet and caring for your vehicles accordingly, you'll be in a great position to keep your trucks and drivers safe, maximize revenue, and avoid setbacks. If this suits you, make sure that you look into these tips below and reach out to companies that can serve you:

#1: Invest in small trucking company software

Any time that you are in the market for some quality small trucking company software, it's crucial that you turn to the help of a company that can look out for you. Shop around for great prices, so that you're never cutting corners when it comes to your logistical matters. This software is able to manage your fleet costs, routes, pay scales, maintenance, and more. When it comes to acquiring this software, you'll need to turn to the help of some professionals that can give you a great deal. You will usually expect to pay anywhere between $15 per month and $80 per month for a trucking fleet software license. Be sure that you get a free trial so that you are able to try out the platform and work out the kinks before officially adopting it. 

#2: Manage the care of your vehicles

When you want your trucks to stay on the highway, it's important that you care for the engine, transmission and other integral parts. Handling this sort of work will allow you to keep your truck on the road without putting your drivers at risk. Constant maintenance will also keep overall repair costs down. Look into the truck engine oil change intervals to know when each truck is prime for some work from a truck repair contractor. 

#3: Hire the best drivers around

You'll need to give yourself access to a great set of drivers anytime you want to make the most of your fleet. Conduct thorough background checks so that you can put full faith in their ability and professionalism. Be sure that you keep your drivers' license up to date and that each and every vehicle is protected with an insurance plan that is worth its value, while also protecting your company from liabilities. 

Keep these three tips handy so that you are able to get the most out of the maintenance and logistics of your truck fleet. 


23 September 2017