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What Kind Of IT Support Does Your Business Need?

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Are you a small business that is growing into a powerhouse of your industry? Do you need a few technicians to handle multiple configuration and maintenance requests every day, or do you just need someone to show up every once in a while when the computers are too broken? There are multiple service levels available for multiple business needs, but you need to take a closer look at your business technology to figure out if you're sizing you needs properly. Here are a few business IT issues and support options to help you pick out the right level of service without overpaying or under-staffing.

Small Business Doesn't Mean Small Demand

Even if your business is just a dozen or so people, your workload or technical needs may be severe enough to require more than just a neighborhood kid who knows how to fix computers. If you regularly need assistance with software, hardware, or general technical advice, you'll need a place to call.

A single technician may not be enough. To field all of the questions of a growing tech business, that person will be juggling multiple service requests while somehow devoting time to thinking about where the company's technology needs to go next. Both are separate, full-time jobs.

Instead, you may want to start at the basic help desk level. A business IT professional can pair you with an organized support team that can act as a help desk for your business. You won't be fatiguing any specific worker, and with multiple shifts on the team, your business can get support during the day or night.

Enterprise Business Support Without Building New Offices

Are you running a major business that has a technical department? Are some of your tasks simple, but repetitive to the point of taking your in-house engineers away from important development to unlock passwords?

Large companies can benefit from a hybrid IT staffing setup, where an entire department or set of departments essentially becomes a third-party contractor. Instead of making more work for your programmers, data center technicians, or other professionals with products in development, all requests for basic repairs that can be performed with typing, clicking, or remote support-capable techniques can be handled by another business partner.

You can even augment an existing help desk team with third-party technicians. Hardware work is necessary at some point, so your in-house technicians can handle most requests that require hands-on maintenance while the third-party team handles overflow.

Contact a business IT professional to discuss other ways to bring enhanced IT support to your company.


23 September 2017