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Hone In On These Nanopositioner Features When Shopping

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In the science field, things are always changing and new technologies can come to the forefront as older ones fade away. You may be able to do your laboratory work with the conventional scopes and stages you've been using; you might not want to jump on the bandwagon every time there's a new product on the market. However, nanopositioners can give you better imagery and in turn better, more accurate interpretations of what you're seeing. To truly experience those benefits, you'll want to hone in on these features while looking for a suitable lab model.

Increased Focus

You're already used to the idea of focus when it comes to the scientific imagery of bacteria and other particles. Nanopositioners are already an improvement on older scopes because they focus down to the nanometer instead of using the micrometer scale. If you don't want to find yourself wishing for even better focus right away, get the best focusing model that your institution's budget will allow.


A higher speed of focus should be another consideration that ought not to be overlooked. This is an especially vital feature when your work entails the study of moving particles that you'll be observing. Being able to follow these particles better with your nanopositioner will inspire precise calculations which can form conclusions you're more confident about sharing with your colleagues.

Friction-Fighting Capabilities

You've probably already thought of the friction that a high-speed nanopositioner might cause and be concerned about premature wearing down of the piece. Luckily, most of these machines have air bearing or flexures to reduce friction that could occur. Air bearings permit the stage to glide effortlessly and without grinding or other friction-causing motions. 

However, if you're working with anaerobic bacteria or otherwise working in an environment where extra air is a problem, flexures could be better. Just be aware that flexures typically are most suitable when small images are acceptable.

3D Abilities

Not all nanopositioners have 3D abilities, but more and more do. Having more axes to observe can be visually exciting and permit you to find out much more about the particles you happen to be studying. Having a full, accurate depiction of everything as you view it is not only important for your work but for your own appreciation of the work you're doing.

Nanopositioners can make your lab duties more interesting and enjoyable for everyone working with the equipment. Discuss your work and needs with retailers who can explain different models and assist you with decision-making. 

Contact a company that has nanopositioning software for sale for more information and assistance. 


26 September 2017