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Using Negative Keywords For Your Ice Cream Shop SEO


Search engine optimization, or SEO, relies on identifying important keywords that help your website stand out. If you have an ice cream shop, it is important to not only identify positive but also negative keywords. The latter can be particularly important for a smaller business that has a specialized service.

Understanding Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are phrases or single words that will filter your ice cream shop out of a web search engine. These negative keywords are designed to identify irrelevant searches and keep people away who aren't looking for your kind of business anyway.

This helps increase your online presence by boosting the number of people who visit your site, stay for awhile, and actually interact with you. That's why an increasing number of businesses are spending the time to identify negative keywords and to integrate them into their SEO.

Choosing Some For An Ice Cream Shop

Negative keywords for an ice cream shop should identify searches that are irrelevant to the shop and which will help direct people away from it. However, they also need to make sense to a search. For example, adding "auto mechanics" as a negative keyword doesn't make much sense because there are few chances that people would mistake an ice cream shop for a mechanic.

Instead, you should use words that are irrelevant or hurtful to your company. For example, words such as "free" are good negative keywords because you don't want people thinking your store offers free ice cream if it does not. Other good negative keywords to integrate include food-based words, such as yogurt, that do not match your shop's style.

Contrasting Them With Positive Keywords

When creating content for an ice cream shop website, it is important to contrast negative keywords with positive ones. Positive keywords are those that will show up in search forms and attract people to a site. For example, the keyword "ice cream shop near me" is a great keyword for a small-town business that wants to attract specific people in the area.

A good strategy is to sprinkle these positive keywords in the content in a simple and natural way. Then, negative keywords can be used sparingly in the content. For example, the negative keyword "pepperoni pizza" can be combined with a sentence like "Some people prefer pepperoni pizza to ice cream sandwiches. Well, they're wrong!" This sentence includes a positive keyword (ice cream sandwiches) that will attract customers and a negative one (pepperoni pizza) that will keep away irrelevant searches.

By streamlining search content and making sure it matches a business's content, it is possible to use negative and positive keywords successfully. Any small ice cream shop that is looking to stand out against tough competitors should contact a search engine optimization company to help them out here.


19 October 2017