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How To Identify Hitachi Drives And How To Replace Them

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Hitachi drives are just some of the products made by this tech company. They have come a long way from their start in Japan in 2003. The company is still going strong because it has either absorbed other tech companies, or it has been absorbed itself by another big-name tech company. As such, there are multiple products (not just hard drives) that have been produced by this company, either with its own or a parent company name attached. If you are trying to figure out what Hitachi product you may own and how to replace it, here are some tips and tricks.

Look at the Label

The drives should have a large manufacturer's label on their bottom panels. On these labels, "HGST" is at the top of the label. This is the main giveaway to the fact that you have a Hitachi drive.

Measure the Size of the Drive

If, for whatever reason, the label has been removed, measure the drive. It should not be larger than 3.5 inches in any one direction, and this company's drives are often smaller than that, with 2.5 inches as the standard and most common measurement. These measurements make it incredibly easy to replace most of the drives that are and were produced by the companies that merged with Hitachi (e.g., IBM, Western Digital, Toshiba, Apple MacIntosh, etc.).

Check the Storage Capacity

If you received a laptop or desktop and there is limited information on the physical drive itself, check the storage capacity. This is easy enough to check, since the information will be under the computer's "about" menu. If you find that the computer is holding a six-terabyte capacity drive filled with helium, you have a tech prize on your hands that was only developed and manufactured by Hitachi.

Know the Product from Which the Drive Came

This information will also help you determine if you have a Hitachi drive. The previously mentioned companies purchase and use these drives in their products. Along with hard drives and solid state drives, the joint venture with another company means that many Blu Ray and DVD player drives are produced by Hitachi and installed in other companies' technology.

Replace Any of These Drives by This Company

You do not have to be a tech geek to replace these drives. The company designed them to be easy, pop-in, pop-out components. You will still have to take your computers apart to get to the drive plugs, but then the rest is simple.

For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Precision Drive Systems.


23 March 2018