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Keeping Your Business Flexible With Cloud Services

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There are many services, apps, and software that are referred to as cloud services, but it can be confusing what the term really means and how it works for you. Cloud services are based on the internet, but not everything on the internet is truly cloud-based.

Understanding the Cloud

For a long time, people have referred to things online as being in the cloud, but the term is used so ambiguously that many people really don't know what it means. Applications that are cloud services have some stipulations. One of those is that for a service to be a cloud service; it needs to have data uploaded to the cloud. 

An excellent example of this is storage services used for pictures, documents, and other important information that you want to access from anywhere. The data is uploaded and stays there until you want to retrieve it, but because the service is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere that you can access the internet. 

Software as a Service

SaaS cloud services are the most common. The SaaS or software as a service cloud service is a software package that allows the user to engage with and use the software from a web browser or app but not have to add the software to a device. For businesses, this allows a company to deploy software for employees that is managed entirely from the company's end, and they do not need to send out updates or software for the end-users.

A company that provides a SaaS solution for its employees to enter data or work online from other locations can have the advantage of a lightweight and flexible software package that allows updates on the fly. SaaS can also reduce issues with compatibility between platforms. Users on different operating systems can all use the same software because it is loaded from a web browser, and the cloud service is not dependant on the operating system to work. 

The scalability of SaaS cloud services is far easier to deal with, so for a growing business, launching new applications or features in your cloud-based software is much easier. The end-user does not need to change anything because the new changes will appear when they log into the cloud to work or use the service.

The cloud service may be on your local servers and accessed from inside the network. If needed, the cloud service can be accessible from the internet, so remote employees can use it to complete work from anywhere they happen to be.

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27 July 2020