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Reasons To Use CFD Simulation Software When Developing A System

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CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software is used to simulate a lot of things with a system, including fluid flow and heat transfer. It shows up in a lot of industries because of the following benefits that can be provided. 

Verify Appropriate Designs Very Early for Clients 

If you're creating a system involving fluid that a client is requesting, then you want to make sure you give them exactly what they request whether it's a boat or pipe system. CFD simulation software makes it easier to verify designs are appropriate, even very early on. That's because you can test a lot of important properties and characteristics of a system involving different fluids, including its mass-flow rates and pressure drops. These simulations will show exactly what flaws are present that can then be addressed before design moves forward and a system is built. 

Test in a Cost-Effective Way

If you attempted to perform fluid analysis in real-time with a system, that's a lot of costs you're taking on. If you go this route, you would have to pay for testing equipment and spend time setting these tests up in a real-world setting.

Whereas if you just use CFD simulation software to perform fluid analysis with a system, you can perform tests in a virtual way. That's a much more cost-effective approach that can save you both money and time. You just need to design a system in this software and designate what simulations you want performed.

Access to custom Data Collection

If you performed fluid analysis on a system and were left with a bunch of data, it can be time-consuming to go through everything. Unfortunately, you may lose focus and then a design error could take place with a system that proves to be costly. 

You can counter this problem with CFD simulation software, which lets you customize the data you want to analyze while these virtual simulations take place. Not only that, but you can specify where on the system you want these tests to focus on. That's a highly focused approach that can help you make better assessments about a system's characteristics in relation to things like turbulent flow and compressible flow. 

Any time a system involving fluid is built — be it pipes or vehicle parts — you want to carefully plan out your tests and study them effectively. You'll have more capabilities when completing these tasks with CFD simulation software, which isn't that hard to use or manage. Contact a company that services mesh-free particle-based CFD software for more information. 


2 September 2021