What Are Your Options For Fire Sprinklers In Your Home?


If one of your New Year's resolutions is improving your home security, you may want to consider updating your fire alarm system. You may already have a system that alerts you of smoke, but do you have fire sprinklers in your home? If not, you may want to consider adding this protective measure since you can get insurance discounts and increase your home's value. Here are a few options to consider for your home.

2 January 2019

Keeping Out The Grinch | Security Tips For The Holiday Season


The tinsel is scattered throughout your home, the shopping list is being checked off little by little, and there are high hopes of Saint Nick, lots of presents under the tree, and a ton of cherished holiday memories. Unfortunately, holidays are prime time for thieves who plan all year to be the Grinch who steals your holiday season's joy right out from under you. If you are making plans for the holidays, make sure you also take the time to ensure your house and family are as secure as they can possibly be from thieves.

5 October 2018

Training Front Desk Employees On Business Phone Systems? Some Tips And Tricks


When your company owns and operates a building with no less than six floors and six hundred employees, you need business phone systems to keep everyone connected and connect the outside world to the business. Ideally, it would be great if the receptionist at the front desk could hit a couple of buttons and connect calls as easily as he/she types a memo. However, business phone systems tend to be a little more complicated than that.

15 June 2018

Using Negative Keywords For Your Ice Cream Shop SEO


Search engine optimization, or SEO, relies on identifying important keywords that help your website stand out. If you have an ice cream shop, it is important to not only identify positive but also negative keywords. The latter can be particularly important for a smaller business that has a specialized service. Understanding Negative Keywords Negative keywords are phrases or single words that will filter your ice cream shop out of a web search engine.

19 October 2017

Three Keys For Buying Alarm Systems


If you are looking to get the most out of your home security, it's crucial that you begin researching alarms. By having an alarm system, you're treating your house seriously as an investment since it helps you avoid break-ins. This is also a matter of your personal well-being, which makes buying a security system well worth the cost. Follow these tips so that you can work with alarm companies that can sell you a security system that'll protect you:

13 October 2017