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Tired Of Your Landline? 4 Reasons Your Business Phones Should Be Located On A Cloud

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 If you've got a hard-wired, landline in your office, you're not communicating efficiently, or effectively. Those landlines are a thing of the past, and will soon be obsolete. To get the most out of your office communication, you need the cloud. Cloud-based phones will modernize your communication, making your office more productive. If you're not convinced that a cloud-based phone system is best for your office, here are several benefits you might not have considered.

Saves You Money on Operating Costs

One of the problems with landline phone systems is the amount of hardware that's required. Not only do you need all that hardware, but you need to purchase all of it. In fact, you need hardware for each phone your office utilizes. If you have multiple phones, those costs are really going to add up fast. However, when you choose a cloud-based phone system, everything is contained in the cloud. All your phones will be serviced by one cloud server. The only expense you'll have related to the installation of the system is an internet connection, and the phone. If you're going to be using your computer for your phone calls, you won't need the phones either.

No Maintenance Worries

When you use landline phone systems in your office, you're responsible for the maintenance. You're also responsible for your customer aggravation while you're waiting to get your phone lines repaired. With a cloud-based phone system, you'll never need to worry about maintenance. That's because the off-site server will monitor your phones, and take care of the maintenance for you. In some instances, your phone problems will be identified, isolated, and repaired before you even know there was an issue. That's going to save you time, and frustration.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Grow with You

When you run a business, you're always looking for ways to grow, and growth is good for a company. Unfortunately, landline phone systems don't always make it easy for a company to grow. If you outgrow your phone system, you'll need to have new lines installed, which means you'll be spending more for the installation costs, and the added hardware. That won't be the case when you have a cloud-based phone system. Your system will grow as fast as your company grows. You'll just have to add a new phone.

Allows One System for All Offices

If you have multiple offices, you have multiple phone systems, especially if you have a landline system. However, when you have a cloud-based system, all your office communications can be supported by one phone system. You'll be able to grow your business as far as you want, and never need to worry about your office phones; even if you open an office in another country.

Don't settle for an outdated phone system. Bring your company into the next generation by moving to a cloud-based phone system. For more information, contact companies like Newbridge Technology Solutions.


15 September 2017