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Secure Your Company's Computer Network

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Employee work and your own activities are probably what uses most of your brainpower when you're in the company office. However, if the sharing of documents, applications, and sensitive information happen throughout your computer network, it's vital to keep things safe. You might be just adding random computers, phones or tablets into the network without worrying, but if the network is breached that could jeopardize client information, delay projects, and possibly have financial and/or legal implications. Securing that network is essential, but how?

Have a Policy

Many companies still fail to create policies about network use. This means that workers are free to think of many actions as appropriate which may not be. For instance, sharing passwords could become problematic, and so could mobile network use if no one on the team is monitoring that usage overnight or at odd times. Therefore, if you feel strongly about network safety, outline clear policies and permissions that everyone can follow and understand.

Encourage Good Passwords

No one in your company should be using a password that's "1234" or their first name. Complex passwords can be tough to recall, but the network is more secure when hackers or intruders can't easily guess passwords and codes. Explain this situation and encourage people to use passwords that are as unusual as possible. Combinations of letters, symbols, and numbers could be best.

Update Software

Many breaches happen just because you're working with software from months ago. Security software provides patches based on problems that they've found, but if you never download those updates, your network isn't safe. Ensure that weekly you're checking for patches and other changes.

Delete Old or Inactive Accounts

At times, bad actors can get into a system with unused or inactive users there. That way, they won't arouse suspicion because their attacks will be masked as regular users going into the network. Therefore, whenever an employee moves, goes on maternity leave or vacation, or simply no longer needs access, those accounts should be permanently closed.

Get Help

Retaining experts in this security field can only help you. You may not understand or realize all the options and issues at play; being able to familiarize professionals with your network should make it stronger.

With network safety as a company priority, clients, workers and even you can feel data and documents are secure. IT or network security pros can provide stability and protection going forward. For more information, contact a company like OS Consultants.


24 August 2018