Improving My Home Technology

About a year ago, I could tell that there were some things that needed to change at home. For starters, I felt really strangely about all the windows on my property, and I knew that I wanted to change them. I began going through and working to make things better, and it was really interesting to invest in technologies that were so beneficial. It made it easy to make sure that my doors were closed and that my windows were locked, and I was grateful for the new technology. This blog is all about home technologies that could help your family.

Keeping Out The Grinch | Security Tips For The Holiday Season


The tinsel is scattered throughout your home, the shopping list is being checked off little by little, and there are high hopes of Saint Nick, lots of presents under the tree, and a ton of cherished holiday memories. Unfortunately, holidays are prime time for thieves who plan all year to be the Grinch who steals your holiday season's joy right out from under you. If you are making plans for the holidays, make sure you also take the time to ensure your house and family are as secure as they can possibly be from thieves. Take a look at some of the easy tips to keep your holiday season merry, bright, and free from theft. 

Place the most expensive gifts somewhere other than under the tree. 

The brand new Xbox your child wanted, that diamond bracelet for the wife, and the cool new pair of name-brand shoes are all wrapped nice and pretty and ready for their place under the tree. As much as you may want to proudly display those expensive gifts, it can be better to keep them in a secure place until gift opening day arrives. Thieves often target homes with Christmas trees specifically because there are usually nice, expensive things beneath them. Keep those most expensive gifts elsewhere in the home so they will be kept safe. 

Change your security access codes just before the holiday season. 

The holiday season is the perfect point in the year to change your security alarm's access code. If you think about it, you've probably been using the exact same access code for a while and it could've very well been leaked out to someone with ill intentions. Go ahead and get in touch with your alarm control system operator if you have to and get the access code refreshed just in case. 

Be careful with your holiday decor on the outside of the house. 

You enjoy hanging twinkling lights and setting up displays, but those extra exterior decorations will tell every passerby that there are likely some valuable gifts in the house. Plus, all those extra lights and decorations can block the view of surveillance cameras and mess with motion detectors outside. While it is fine to decorate for the season, simply make sure what you do put out in the yard or on your home is not going to hinder the overall functionality of your home's security system setup. 


5 October 2018