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Upgrading Your Wheelchair For Off Road Use

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Buying an off-road wheelchair attachment can be a useful investment for improving the functionality and mobility of your chair. However, these are relatively new attachments that individuals may not always fully appreciate.

Off-Road Attachments Can Increase The Stability And Your Control Of The Wheelchair

A major benefit of using an off-road wheelchair attachment is that it will be able to substantially improve the stability of the wheelchair as it travels over uneven terrain. This is due to the fact that this attachment can essentially act as an additional wheel that is far enough from the base of the chair to improve its stability and balance. In addition to making it easier to travel over grass and rocks, this attachment can be useful for stabilizing the chair when it goes over bumps, curbs, or other raised areas. This wheel will also be able to turn and spin, which can improve the handling of the wheelchair by allowing it to make sharper turns over the rougher terrain. Individuals that will need to navigate over gravel can find this particularly useful as it can be harder for the wheels to get the traction they need to effectively turn the chair on these surfaces.

Off-Road Wheelchair Attachments Can Make Riding In The Chair More Comfortable

In addition to making the chair more stable, these attachments can also help improve the comfort of the rider as they are going over these surfaces. More specifically, the additional wheel may be outfitted with a shock-absorbing spring that will be able to dissipate many of the bumps that the rider would have otherwise felt.

Attaching The Off-Road Attachment To Your Wheelchair Can Be A Simple Process

A person may be able to recognize the benefits of having this attachment, but they may be worried about the difficulty of attaching it to their wheelchairs. Luckily, these devices are made to be easily installed by the user. Depending on the design of your chair and the off-road attachment you have chosen, you may be able to install this attachment while remaining in the chair. This can be a useful option for individuals that may need to use their chair in an off-road setting with little warning. To maximize the ease of installing this attachment, it will need to be properly fitted to your chair so that it can easily slide into place with little effort while remaining securely attached to the chair.

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16 February 2022