Online Gamers, Is Your Network Built To Be Elite?

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Whether you're a professional game streamer, a competitive gamer, or an online personality that needs to be on top of gaming news, business is booming for one of the most high tech hobbies on the planet. Online gaming communities come together in ways that few hobbies can imagine across the world, but the online part of the hobby can be a no-fun-allowed challenge. Here are a few network performance issues, quirks, and solutions to help you reduce the technical difficulties of online gaming--or discover a technical hobby that matches your gaming skills.

19 September 2017

Tired Of Your Landline? 4 Reasons Your Business Phones Should Be Located On A Cloud

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 If you've got a hard-wired, landline in your office, you're not communicating efficiently, or effectively. Those landlines are a thing of the past, and will soon be obsolete. To get the most out of your office communication, you need the cloud. Cloud-based phones will modernize your communication, making your office more productive. If you're not convinced that a cloud-based phone system is best for your office, here are several benefits you might not have considered.

15 September 2017

Five Things You Should Know If You're Interested In Selling Your IP Address

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There are some basic factors you need to be aware of in order to understand the full value IP addresses are coming to have in the current Internet environment. The following are five things you should know if you're interested in selling an IP address: The supply of iPv4 addresses has by now become exhausted globally. Over the last few years, worldwide reserves of iPv4 addresses have become exhausted so that organizations such as the Internet Assigned Number Authority, Regional Internet Registries, and the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean have no more to give out.

14 September 2017